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        Have you accumulated to ​much stuff or were you left with an estate an​d don't know where to start?

    Are you or someone you love up to your elbows in "stuff", needing to downsize or just ready to let go and breath easy? But maybe your afraid your valuables will be lost in the process.

   Are you running out of room or wanting to move to a more manageable home and need help sorting through and prioritizing what you really need to keep? 

   If you look around and don't know where to start, or don't have the time or energy to tackle it yourself and really need someone you can trust to be sensitive and careful with your sentimental attachments, I can help.

   I will carefully and mindfully sort through everything and help sell the things you no longer need but are still valuable, donate items of lesser value and get tax receipts, and recycle or dispose of any remaining clutter.

We can also help you find a place to store items if needed.

I only charge for the hours I work sorting and hauling, which can be subtracted from the money from any sales, minus a small commission for the auction fee's.

My approach to all this

transition is letting you be in control. I am thorough, but sympathetic and always kind.

   If you are thinking at all about any of this and just want to get to know me a little first, call me so we can sit down together, tell me your thoughts, have some pie and get acquainted. I love our small town, and I care about the people here! Please contact me so we can set up a time to meet. 

  But please, don't throw anything away until you call me first! 


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